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The four-leaf clover- A symbol of good luck and fortune, no wonder celebrities love wearing it on their necklaces or bracelets.

In folklore, each leaf is believed to represent a different value. The first leaf is...

Act (Taylor) Swiftly before they are all gone!

Taylor Swift was one of the best dressed at this year’s Golden Globes, From the...

New Diamond Zodiac Collection Pendants

New Diamond Zodiac Collection Pendants Our new diamond range of zodiac pendants! Add some elegance...

How to Clean and Care for a Charm Bracelet

Follow these fantastic tips for cleaning your silver jewellery at home.

How to Use Our Silver Sparkle Jewellery Cleaner at Home

Check out this video on how to use our Silver Sparkle Town Talk Jewellery Cleaner...

Winter Olympics 2022

February is always a special month for me as its mine and my mum's birthday...

On the fifth day of Christmas, my true love sent to me…5 GOLD RINGS!

On the fifth day of Christmas, Mm true love sent to me... 5 gold rings!

Super bowl Sunday!

Sport is not really our thing, but the half time shows are always amazing!