We have put together some tips to help you care for your jewellery. If you have any questions, get in touch with one of our expert Goldsmiths where we can help you further or rectify any issues that may arise. 

  • Remove jewellery before you sleep as you risk breaking it. Chain links can stretch and weaken. Engagement rings can catch on your sheets or hair and loosen prongs. It’s also possible to damage rings if you accidentally hit them on your bedside furniture
  • Keep jewellery separate when in storage to avoid items rubbing together and causing damage, fasten the clasps on chains to avoid knotting
  • Avoid harsh chemicals making contact with your jewellery such as chlorine, bleach and seawater can discolour precious metals and stones and may cause pitting. Jewellery can be dulled by cosmetics, perfumes, soap, oils and grease and this grime build-up can harbour germs
  • Take rings off when doing rough work or sports; precious metals can suffer heavy scratching and stones (including diamonds which are durable) can loosen or chip
  • Regular cleaning ensures your jewellery is sanitised reducing the spread of bacteria and clean diamonds reflect light better and appear more sparkly!
  • To maintain your jewellery at home, we recommend Town Talk products for the finest finish that we stock! The next best thing to use is a solution of warm water mixed with a mild soap. Be sure to fully rinse the cleaning solution from your jewellery prior to drying and store them in a dry place away from moisture
  • It is of most importance to check jewellery periodically for general wear and tear and is often required on valuable items for insurance purposes. Over time, jump rings (the ring that attaches the clasp to a chain for example) can wear thin (links of a chain, or the bale of a pendant for another example, or claws holding a stone in a ring) and result in breakage or loss of your jewellery. Being aware of this issue and regular checks can prevent this as a repair can be made before it is too late! 
  • We offer a professional cleaning service where we also check for any wear and tear, such as loose stones and worn claws. Simply pop by our workshop and we will do this usually within the hour, but it may be longer during busy periods, so we kindly request your patience with this. 

For more jewellery tips and jewellery aftercare advice, be sure to follow our blog or pop into our Maidstone workshop.

(Whilst the tips have been tried and tested, please follow instructions carefully and understand home cleaning is carried out at your own risk)