The four-leaf clover- A symbol of good luck and fortune, no wonder celebrities love wearing it on their necklaces or bracelets.

Y/G Green Four Leaf Clover 18" Necklace

In folklore, each leaf is believed to represent a different value. The first leaf is said to represent faith, the second is for hope, the third for love, and the fourth for luck. The four-leaf clover is also associated with Ireland as it is believed to bring good fortune there. Who wouldn’t want a bit of luck on their side?

Check out this interesting article from The Daily Mail that has captured not only the Royals Camilla and Kate, but Molly-Mae who’s been loving the clover jewellery.

Act (Taylor) Swiftly before they are all gone!

Taylor Swift was one of the best dressed at this year’s Golden Globes, From the glittering green Gucci Gown to the glamorous wavy hair, we loved every detail. Taylor’s stylish, hanging, sparkly silver earrings were the star of the show.

Check out our top hand-picks that can help you replicate Taylor’s look.

We know nothing about football, but when we saw Japan’s kit colours they are now our pick to win the world cup 🎌⚽🏆

World Cup 2022

Football fashion is not normally our thing, but you have to love this Adidas and NIGO Japan kit. that was worn by the Japanese National Team during their pre-game warm-ups in Qatar. Inspired by Japan’s national flower, cherry blossoms, and the traditional Japanese confection sakuramochi, the 12-piece collection features a dusty light pink and soft…

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